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Since 2018, AVOW has hosted the annual Women’s Campaign Institute, a three-day nonpartisan intensive “boot camp,” followed by continuing alumni education. The Institute prepares local and regional women to run effective campaigns, seek public office, and collaborate with people from other parties to effectively govern. The Women's Campaign Institute features nationally recognized professors and 3 tracks for candidates, campaign managers, and women seeking appointed government positions.

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Now Accepting Applications for the 
2022 Women's Campaign Institute

The Women's Campaign Institute features nationally recognized professionals and local superstars who work with candidates, campaign managers, and women seeking public appointment.

AVOWfull Logos Full Color-02.png

Begin with the End in Mind

Co-Founder, AVOW Advancing Voices Of Women, and CEO, CVC Communications Dr. Stephen Covey was onto something when he advised us to adopt 7 habits, the second of which is “Begin with the end in mind.” Go with me to a meeting room for a school or township board, county commissioners, city council, state legislature or Congress. Imagine that you are an elected or appointed official in this meeting room. Or perhaps you are a private citizen who supported the election or appointment of one of the officials. Witness a government body that is operating exactly as it should…of the people, by the people, for the people. Satisfaction crosses your mind as you participate in a thoughtful and civil discussion with government leaders from both parties and many different ideologies. Satisfaction settles in as you recognize that good people are working together for the good of our communities, state and nation. We need you in that public meeting room. How do we get you there? Rewind the movie in your mind to the graduation event at the AVOW Women’s Campaign Institute. You have just completed a 27-hour boot-camp style training in 2 ½ days. From public speaking to raising money to scrubbing your social media, and from learning about the parties and PACs to one-on-one mentoring, your brain is overflowing with new information. You are ready to run for office, manage a campaign or seek appointment to a public board or commission. Beyond the highly practical and useful things you have learned, one word is dominating your thinking: Surprise. You never expected to learn so much about yourself and why you believe what you do. You certainly didn’t plan to be open to ideas that so clearly don’t align with your own. And you weren’t prepared to actually make friends with those from the OTHER party or on the OTHER side of an issue about which you care deeply. Surprise! Rewind the movie in your mind to today. If you believe in collaborative government, we need you to advance your voice with civility so that others will follow your lead, will stop shouting, and will start working together. Only then can we advance solutions to: Close Indiana’s income gap for women (among the worst in the country), eliminate infant mortality (Indiana has one of the highest rates in the nation), improve women’s health, make education excellent and safe for all, stop the violence against women, promote family leave, and so many more issues about which you are passionate. Maybe you think that you are not qualified. As I see it, when women are absent from government, we miss their contributions to make government better. Let’s get you ready! The AVOW Women’s Campaign Institute August 5 – 7 is a non-profit, non-partisan program with training for candidates, campaign managers, and women who are seeking public appointments. The professors are local government leaders and state and national luminaries, including Patti Russo, Executive Director of the Campaign School at Yale, and Sara Jane Rose, Executive Director of Sally’s List of Oklahoma, Northeast Indiana women now hold more than 200 elected and appointed positions at the local, state and national level. While our influence and examples of collaboration and civility are making a difference, we have not yet achieved the tipping point where good people are always able to get good things done in public service. That is why I now speak to you directly, one-on-one. Because you have stayed with me on this journey, I know that our government needs you. There is no better time than now to prepare and then participate in creating the community that you have in mind. Apply now! Marilyn Moran-Townsend, Chair, AVOW Women’s Campaign Institute

The 2022 Agenda for the
 Women's Campaign Institute